Monday, May 11, 2009

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen....

Yep, thats what happens when you're unemployed. Of course, the pregnant part happened back when I had a job, but my last day of work was April 30th so now the title of this post fits me. Sort of....I've been in the kitchen some, but as little as possible. I was working as a receptionist at a temp agency which wasn't too bad. I didn't particularly like my coworkers, but who likes everybody all the time? Our customers and employees were great though and I loved working for/with them. Unfortunately, my company was bought out completely by our sister company and they decided to merge. Lucky for me and one other coworker our sister company was already fully staffed so we got screwed out of jobs. I am currently almost 29 weeks pregnant, neat huh? I've been looking for work but who really wants to hire someone that will be taking maternity leave in 2 to 3 months? The upside is I do get unemployment which means I'll have a paid maternity leave. Bad news is we are losing about $200 a month and I'll be home enough that I'll be forced to clean the house! Not acceptable, but seriously what other choice do I have? I will get a chance to spend more time with our son though rather than rushing right back to work, which is great.

So anyways, I took a ton of pictures on friday with my cell phone and I know you are all dying to see them so here you go.....

The new baby at the barn. She is sooooo cute!
Look at that face! I may steal her.....
Summer got wormed, she was SO not thrilled with it.
Giving me the evil eye after worming her
Back in her stall trying to sniff out more treats. Look at her crazy
Going for the windswept look.....she wants to be a supermodel
Mad that I didn't have anymore treats so she tried to throw her grain bucket at me

Sid sunning himself in the backyard

Took the dogs down to the park near our house

Sid following Thor trying to figure out what she's staring at

Thor loves to chase the grass (yea she's a crackhead)

Silly puppies
"Mom, look how cute I am!"

Going home

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KD said...

i heart updates, and baby horses, and dogs.