Sunday, July 6, 2008


This weekend was wonderful. My husband and I went camping with his family up in Washington at Ike Kinswa State Park. Most of his family lives in Washington and its at least a 6 hour drive to see them so this was a great opportunity for some "quality" family time. I think the last chance we all had to get together was our wedding last August.
One thing I love so much about my husband's family is that its HUGE. His dad's side, who we went camping with this weekend, consists of 6 brothers and one sister. They are all married and have at least 2 kids each. One of his uncles has 4 kids and another has 6 kids so you can imagine the chaos when the whole family gets together. I pretty much soak it up. From the time we get there to the time we leave. I grew up with aunts and uncles but we only saw each other about once a year and I wasn't as close with my cousins as my husband's family is. They all talk on a regular basis and are so comfortable with each other its incredible to watch. My family on my dad's side we haven't really spoken to much since my dad left and not one of them came to my wedding. Not one. And my mom's side didn't show either. I'm not always the best about keeping up with people so I do understand why none of them came. We did get some wonderful presents from them but it was a little saddening to realize only 7 of roughly 200 guests were MY family.
Suddenly though I've been thrust into this huge and amazingly loving family that I can't wait to get to know. This weekend camping with them I finally was able to connect with them and had some great conversations with a few of the cousins. We all laughed alot, hugged each other, and I even let loose a few of my famous trucker burps. I think cousin Jaimee almost stood up and applauded after the first one. All in all, even with the 24 hours of rain out of the 3 day weekend and the complete lack of sunshine I had a GREAT weekend. Now onto more horsie things.....

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Angela said...

OK you made me cry! I so wish we could have been at your wedding! I think we were moving that weekend! I am soooo sorry your family sux (me included) Enjoy that extended married family! I totally love my inlaw (out-law as I call them) side. Stacy has 2 older brothers and 1 older sister and they all have at least 4 kids so I know chaos! Crazy thing is my oldest is almost 10, when he came the youngest grandkids were 10 and 11 so my kids are growing up with the great grandkids!! I love it though!!! I was disowned by my side the "outlaws" are all I have....Well Rick hasn't disowned me ~~~Yet~~ that's a story for email!!!

I Love Ya! I am glad to be able to "connect with you" so we can become close!!!
Get your older sister in on this wagon with us!!! My baby got her green eyes, and 2 of my 4 got her left handness!!!!!!

See ya soon!!!!