Sunday, July 6, 2008

How did I get here?

Last year around February my job in an injection molded plastics factory called and offered me a promotion. To the graveyard shift. Not the most ideal shift but I had been training as a material handler for some time and I finally had the chance to do it full time, even if it meant working when I should be sleeping. I was living with my fiance (now husband) and we had our 2 beautiful dogs in our lives. Sid is my husband's and he's an American Bulldog.

And Thor is my beautiful Rottweiler princess.

I loved them both but something was missing. One morning, after work, I was browsing our local Craigslist and decided I needed something to do in the morning to keep myself busy before bedtime. I posted an ad saying I was willing to help around someone's property just for the chance to be around horses and learn a thing or two. Within a few days this wonderful couple had emailed me and said they might be able to help me. My husband and I drove out to their property a few days later.

Ravell had an inviting, warm smile and a passion for his horses I immediately loved. Julia's girlish blonde ponytail and sparkling blue eyes accompanied by her quiet demeanor set me at ease right away. They walked us around their farm and introduced us to each horse. Tornado the 5 year old Friesian stallion, Velvet the 2 year old Friesian/Thoroughbred cross filly, Beauty the black Quarter Horse mare, Flicka the 11 year old Quarter Paint mare, and Flicka's 4 year old daughter Princess. Each horse was beautiful and unique and it was wonderful just to be near them. This was all new to my husband but it was like wrapping up in a comfortable old childhood blanket for me. I had loved horses for so long and now I was going to be able to work around them and possibly even ride! We discovered that day that although we loved to sit and talk with Ravell and Julia that we would definitely need a plan of action every time we visited if we wanted to be out of there in time. I think we spent almost an hour and a half that first time just trying to leave. Before we left though I agreed to come out 3 times a week to help clean stalls, feed, and work with the horses. Flicka, the big gorgeous sorrel mare with the blaze shaped like Woody Woodpecker, would receive special attention from me. I couldn't wait.

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Barn Life said...

What? I guess I should have guessed you met them through craigslist...